Thursday, November 17, 2011

how to let go?

How do you let go
How do you say goodbye
How do you move on
How do you remember when all you want to do is forget
How can one day someone be here and in the next instant gone
How does it feel to know someone who meant so much to you is gone
The person you stayed up with every night with on the phone won't answer
No matter how many times you try to call
The person you spent every weekend of December 2010 with
Thanksgiving Christmas New Years Valentines day every holiday
 how can i remember with out it hurting so bad
How do you make this emptiness STOP

my question to you is how can you remember with out forgetting and with out hurting and with out crying. Its hard to replay the memories in my head and to relieve them one more time. or see that persons smile or here there voice or see a video of them anything when there no longer here, without it hurting. I don't know exactly how long it will take to not hurt and not feel empty, but i hope it  last a life time because if i feel the emptiness i know that something essential is missing in my life and  that is the people I've lost and loved so very much.

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