Sunday, December 4, 2011

What does sex mean now?

Some people say you should save yourself for marriage. Some people say it's okay to have sex if your protected. Some say you should be with the person you love. But does this always happen?  Do people only have sex with there husbands or wives, there boyfriends or girlfriends. Is that were sexual intercourse stops or is sex turning into a casual thing that just anyone does. It is 2011 i feel like sex has become a way to prove you like someone. Sex can be exciting adventurous but what happens after your tired of just casual sex? Can you find a person who will actually want to be in a relationship with you? Will you be able to find a man or women that will not judge you on your past and your decisions you've made? In this day and age the answer is NO. No man wants a women that every man had. And no woman wants a man that sleeps around daily.  But men take this issue more in depth because a women if she starts to fall for a man and thinks that there could be something there , even if she just like him and thinks something more she'll forget she won't care about who you've been with as long from then on it's here your with its her you texting in the morning and at night. as long its only her your having sex with from then on. To say a women trusts faster would be a understatement women trust faster and longer and harder for as long as they still want to be with you they trust the words you say and believe that you won't be the next guy to hurt them. But men on the other hand it takes them what feels like a life time to being to trust even a ounce of a women with a reputation. For men they don't mind having sex with a women that has "slept around" but when it starts to become more than that is when things get weird. A man will always second guess what a women says he won't believe it until he sees it he wont trust her no matter if she's dropped any other guy she even once talked to he doesn't believe it. But in my experience when a man finally decides that he's ready to admit how he feels and wants to trust a women its normally a little to late. because she's usually tired of trying to prove to him and decided to give up.The point of that was sex brings about an emotional attachment, some say that only happens with your first but its not true. If you continuously have sex with one person something more starts happening because its never just sex most of the time you start texting more and creating a relationship not a romantic one all the time but a friendship and that friendship is not the same as you would have with other people because  for a guy a friend he can have sex with doesn't get treated the same as a friend he can not. The friend he can't have sex with has a different type of relationship and  the friend who does have sex with sees this and wants what they have but realizes that its impossible to have that because you don't have that type of relationship and guarantee if you decide you no longer want to have sex then the entire friendship ends. Sex complicates things, I'm only 18 and i don't know everything but one thing I do know is that i wish i listened to my mother when she said save sex for the man that loves you. if i did this sex would mean something else and sex wouldn't be the highlight of every bodies opinion on who i am and who i can be.

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