Monday, December 5, 2011

what you see is not what you get.

you shouldn't judge someone by what they look like
don't judge a book buy its cover
don't let one bad experience determine how you feel

But what if you read the person wrong
what if you thought they were nice
thought they were sweet and kind
and thought they were a really good friend
what happens when you find out the hard way that you gave to many chances
what happens when you see he was the exact opposite
what happen when you believed he could be the one to  help change you
 what if all i wanted was to be appreciated
what if all i wanted was for him to recognize that i am there
that i was always there, if i could do it i would
how do you tell one to not judge a book buy its cover after that
 i should have known after you said a few things you did
after the non trust never stopped after you doubted me constantly
i should have judged you harder i shouldn't have given u the benefit of the doubt
that you wouldn't be like the rest of the guys i encountered
i should have been more picky
i know if i could create a a time machine id change the day i meet you because it would take away all this heart ache and i wouldn't feel this pain no more

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