Thursday, October 6, 2011

a day in the life of this college kid

College is suppose to be about what you learn and how successful you become. that's what they teach you in high school to study hard get good grades so that college can be a breeze. I feel as a freshman i walk into this college experience alittle naive. I knew that no one was going to be here to tell me what i can and can not do but no one told me all the oppertunities that I would have to mess up my "repatation". As a freshman when guys look at you especially the upperclassmen you feel all special like people are so nice. But in reality upperclassmen look at the freshman for one of two reasons, 1. being they really can't get with an upperclassmen like them self. and 2. they feel that they seen what the upperclassmen girls look like they want to see the "fresh meat".  Me being the female i am i fail for this act, oh well this happens. So far in College i learned a couple things, don't just talk to every guy that thinks your cute, they all think your cute when they want to hit. I learned that if you do, do something that you wouldn't want everyone to know about especially when your living on a small campus such as mine watch who you do it with. The thing i feel i really learned is that going to a small college its just like High School all over again. This may be one thing I'm really going to have to get use to. I didnt like the fact in high school that everyone talked shit I'm most likely not going to enjoy it much here either. But this is life not everyone's going to like you and many people may voice this opinion. But live your life and don't worry about what those people say and everything should end up alright.

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